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name: krystal
age: 15
grade: 9
birthday: 2/17/89
sign: aquarious
location: california
likes: laughing
dislikes: mommy


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Sunday, February 29, 2004

How is this song? Do you think it goes with tha layout? Ehhh screw it.... I'd put lyrics up but I'm too lazy so just check my AIM profileee.... which reminds me should I switch my s/n? It's DoGGy QT and I've had it 4ever and it's getting kinda old and moldy. But what would I change it to? Is there anything else that really fits meh? LOL I dunno about the QT part... well I better go seepy now. Oh yeah I hate my bunnies whenever I try to help them they gotta bit me til I bleed all my blood away. =''''( So unluved man....
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I didn't do much today...
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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Hello, how is everyone... me? Oh, I'm FIIINE!! :) Heehee. Well today it was a nice, rainy day in Lousianna.... lol, this morning my weather report on AOL displayed the weather for Louisianna! How'd THAT happen? Hehe. Today was 80's day... and no of course I didn't dress up. If I were living in the 80s I would so not dress like a rich hobo. Oxymoron! Ooh! ^,^ In Spanish we watched Finding Nemo and in Spanish, too. And I noticed a few things. One: In the beginning Marlin says "Me llamo ES Marlin." According to my old Spanish teacher, you can't say the ES. So either they translated wrong, or I've been wrongfully marked off on tests. =( Okay, and two: sharks don't swim backwards! Bruse was ramming against the door back and forth, but sharks can't swim backwards. Well, they can't talk either but thats sumthing else... hahaha. Weeellll... bye!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! Well I don't know what to talk about.... I guess I will tell about my day! I didn't really do much and thank goodness for that. In PE it was cold... brrrr. I'm getting a cough. I have to do a project for computers, though, and I'm not really looking forward to THAT!! Ummmmmmm......... well bye!
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Rearranged the layout a bit... still gonna add more stuff, though. ;P
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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Hi. Lol... bye!
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