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the gal
name: krystal
age: 15
grade: 9
birthday: 2/17/89
sign: aquarious
location: california
likes: laughing
dislikes: mommy


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Friday, March 19, 2004

Hai. Didn't do much today. Went to Rite Aid on tha way home and got a brush and cherry cola. Ya then my mom started yelling at me cuz i asked for a ride to the mall w/ amber.... she overreacts to everything man. ya then i found out she was in my room again cuz my stuff was gone (she always throws away what i need just cuz its there.) i got mad and we fought some more.... i worte her a note and put it on my door! it sez

your an awful person.
i hope you die.
stay out of my room and whats in it.
you're really ugly too.
love me

okay so i went to family fun nite.... they made me sell a bunch of stuff.. i wish i could've sat down or something and watch lion king but noooo... gotta attend to the kiddies... OMG i saw Ms OLSEN! She was lookin at me like "what r YOU doing here???!? I BANNED YOU!" lol. okay so i'm gonna go... uh bye! Oh ya "im so fat i pass out when i masterbate!" TEEHEE
your daughter cried at 10:03 PM

Monday, March 01, 2004

Hellos. It was sure cold 2day. I didn't think I had a sweater but I found one by the end of tha day. =) But today was not a very good day. It kinda hurts when I talk and my nose runs uncontrollably, lol. And my eyes keep watering. I wonder why. So that made my eyeliner all messed up and sloppy cuz i ran out of waterproof. ='''( Grrrrr! Well anyways, today in spanish the teacher 4got to put Finding Nemo in spanish, but we didn't say n e thing cuz english is waaay funnier. We were just saying how the turtles sound all high and stoned, LOL!
your daughter cried at 2:45 PM

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